A great way to get the most out of your stay in Rome

Today the plane became the means of transport chosen by tourists for speed, particularly in long travelling distances, and convenience, sometimes even to the cost of ticket (more competitive than the train, and in some cases more affordable compared to a time that was for the exclusive preserve of a small élite); airports, to that effect, have had to expand to better serve the many travellers who populate them every day, whether for a stopover or for easy transit of arrival or departure.

A great way to get the most out of your stay in Rome

This is the case especially in the capital, Rome, who is the 10th most visited city in the world and that has more than 6 million tourists every year, most of them coming in his two main airports (Fiumicino and Ciampino). Visitors in question, at a time when land and need a transfer from the airport to the city center to the hotel usually lie immediately to deal with the far from ideal but rather mediocre and poor condition in which public transport is not only Rome but also many other cities. The means of transport are many but between these buses and subways, for example, in addition to the expensive prices, overcrowding and unbearable summer heat that characterizes them, involve the tourist is forced to drag their luggage in a city, most of the time, unknown and inaccessible to him for the historicity of its streetswith time, sometimes, long more dilated than the time it takes to travel by plane. If one adds to this the main airport Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci), is 21 kilometers from the Centre of Rome and the second, Ciampino, is 16 kilometers, will immediately clear and understandable the real hardship that it shapes up to our regular customer. The question arises: is there an easier way and most comfortable way to reach your destination? The answer is of course Yes! And the easiest way is to book a limousine service (NCC-Noleggio con Conducente). Now, for clarity we use the term ' limousine ' to indicate a private car with excellent comfort and standard sizes. There refers to that very vehicle typical of celebrity since "for that car both airports that the winding roads would be a challenge". What are the benefits of using a NCC service in Rome for your displacements?

- Heated Car, comfortable and luxurious.
- No waiting – we expect you!
- The fastest route and directed
- Professional chauffeurs and punctual


Not really. It is true that this service is typically more expensive than public transport, but if you think that your move is to auto-generation and fully licensed with NCC and reference staff if you will appreciate the value in terms of costs not so high if you're travelling in a group and by far also competitive compared to taxi. Aboard the car starts a mini-tour ... ... It is common ground that the most convenient and comfortable way to transfer from the airport to your hotel is the Chauffeur service, in which you start your holiday in style with your driver who will turn into a skilled and personal City Guide, which during the journey will be able to give you the "twitter" on historical and artistic beauties of the city.